Soft Washing / Chemical Cleaning

With the exterior of your property there is no "one size fits all" approach.  Not all surfaces can be treated the same way or use the same machinery or methods for all.  We use a combination of soft washing and pressure washing to ensure you get the the best cleaning results possible with the safety of knowing that your work is being carried out by trained, certified and competent technicians. 

What is Soft Washing? I hear you say.  It is the treatment of organic growth on exterior surfaces such as Renders, roofing, paving, stones, cladding, tarmac etc.  To comply with current laws and regulations we are trained, insured and use professional use only products.  When used safely and responsibly these methods have far better, longer lasting results and have less of an impact than traditional or unregulated methods.

Every site is surveyed to ensure that the best, safest & most suitable methods and solutions are chosen.  This means that the surrounding property, shrubbery and other hard surfaces are taken into concideration and will not be at risk.

"We dream of having a clean house but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?"
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