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Carpets & Upholstery come in a wide range of fibre types & constructions, the way they are put together and woven.  Our job is to identify what is the best and safest cleaning method and solution for your property.

Similar to carpets, hard floors come in a wide range of materials not all can be treated the same way.  Having been trained in hard floor and natural stone cleaning and restoration, you can be assured that your hard floors are in the best possible hands.

From builders cleans, deep cleans & sanitation fogging.  Your work will be carried out by a trained and experienced team.  We understand that different clients have different needs.  You will get an exact break down of what needs to be done and the options available to you. 


Pressure washing using industrial equipment is fast & extremely effective.  Depending on your job we use a combination of pressure washing & soft washing  to achieve the best results that will also last longer than pressure washing alone.

Soft washing is cleaning exterior surfaces with the use of professional use only chemicals, biocides & Stain removers.  Some surfaces are far to fragile to pressure wash & can be easily damaged if pressure washed. 

We use a low impact method to restore your roof to look like new.  The moss & organic matter is scraped off.  Then a biocidal wash is applied to kill off any remaining growth like lichen.  Over a few months the roof will self clean.  This method will not damage your roof & not leave a huge mess like other methods do.

"Happiness is a freshly Cleaned Home"
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